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SN No. 19 GC-P and RT3-P NGD

An example: A mill with 50‘000 spindles and most modern equipment has got 25‘000 top arms with 75’000 set screws. Nobody will be able to check the correct setting of all this screws. By contrast the RT3 top...   More


SN No.14 RT3 Top Arm

The RT3 ideally meets the need of modern spinning mills. Whereas in the past, mills were operated by a qualified work force for 5 ½ days per week, today’s mill run practically all year and are operated in...   More


SN No.11 Green Compact-P Premium

Advantageous cradle design and bottom table position lead to reduced yarn break at high speed and to a consistent yarn value spindle-to-spindle.   More


SN No.17 Green Compact

Green Compact 1.21 HDC for Cotton, Green Compact 2.21 HDC for Worsted: Compactors made of High-Density-Compound (HDC) combine top class compacting results with the capacity to withstand even rough handling....   More